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A Holly Jolly Coffeehouse Christmas

Oh what a holly jolly Coffehouse it was on Thursday. Yet again the house was packed for the many, many incredible performances and a secret santa gift exchange. This weeks theme was Coffeehouse Christmas in case you couldn’t tell by the first few sentences. This week featured:

1) Stacy Jo - Singing

2) Stephen Casper - Box o' Mystery

3) Eliane and Serina - Legende

4) Faith Pak - Silver Bells

5) Matthew Shen - Jazz

6) Eunice and Suproteem - do something musical

7) Stacy Jo, Ekimini Expo - A Beyoncé Christmas

8) Tori Tong - All I Want for Christmas

9) Amma Ababio - Stand Up Comedy

10) Dong and Rohan - Guitar

11) HBS - Beat Boxing Duet

12) Allison - Stand Up Comedy

13) Josh and Noah - "Carol the Bells" in Quotes

14) Natasha - Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

15) Carter - I still haven't found what I'm looking for

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