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Taste-Testing and T-Testing

Who said statistics had to be brain-numbingly boring?!?!? Not us! In this edition of HSURV-brings-free-food-to-the-masses-on-weekends, the dhall became the ultimate Sunday dinner destination as it provided not one but TWO full plates of food (one labelled A and another, B) for some randomised taste-testing. Participants were asked to fill out a survey as they ate their meal indicating which plate they preferred for each food item. Some food items (the pizza, the Cheetos, and surprisingly the different types of waters!) were hotly debated while some were just wolfed down (I don’t know about you but I don’t eat strawberries/blueberries enough to tell the difference between different suppliers, if there even is a difference). Stay tuned for the results of the survey where the organisers run a t-test on the data to determine whether or not there is a statistical significance in which brand of food people prefer!


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