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A Spectacular Day at the Boston Harbour Islands

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Boston is fun in the summer they say…… It’s always sunny and warm they say…… Well thankfully they were actually right this time, despite the original forecast which predicted that it would be pouring down buckets for most of the day! Weather crisis being averted we had to keep up the adrenaline somehow so we opted for the get-from-Winthrop-to-the-wharf-via-public-transport-in-30-mins-LET’S-GET-MOVING-PEOPLE option (would not recommend). But we made it to the ferry on time and were soon on our way!

Spectacle Island, named for its previously glasses-like shape (it now resembles more of a saddle), was indeed quite spectacular! We spent the day roaming the island, skimming rocks and reading the “beward of asbestos” signs with equal parts concern and hilarity.

Fun that was had:

  • Simon and his individually labelled lunch orders from Flour are heaven-sent

  • Be a seagull and flock to the snacks otherwise they will run out and you’ll be left eating a *smol* pile of chex mix and nothing else

  • Skimming rocks is a lot harder than it looks… unless you’re Leon in which case you’re a pro

  • There is a single female turkey that lives on Spectacle Island and just has a great time hanging out on its own

  • It actually snows out on the islands and erosion severely messes them up

  • Frisbee on a windy hill with people who don’t actually play frisbee is highly entertaining

  • People who picnic on a bench look so incredibly wholesome

  • Get you a good narrator for mafia who doesn’t mess up who gets killed each night


  • The asian-tourist-umbrella-thing is probably actually great

  • You should listen to everything they say about wearing sunscreen lest you want your face to be peeling for the next week *cough… Brian… cough*

  • The imprint of sunnies (read: sunglasses) burnt onto your face is quite hilarious, thanks Sophie!

  • Bring a towel if you intend on swimming… and maybe a change of clothes…

  • The ocean is apparently a lot colder than most people expected???

  • Staged group photos that look horrible in person sometimes actually turn out alright!

  • Invest in a good camera or a friend who has a good camera

  • Coordinating post-islands dinner in Chinatown is absolutely hectic

  • Bring an appetite to all-you-can-eat sushi or face the terrifying prospect of not eating your money’s worth/eating your bodyweight in raw fish

All in all a fantastic day trip with great memories (and tan lines) that’ll stay for quite some time!

Tori :D

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