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Coffehouse pt. 2

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

The recurring event that gets better each week! The theme this week was “Jazz in my pajamas” where many people showed up in their pajamas for a night of food and talent. With even more acts than last week, highlights included...

- Tori Tong played Piano Man on the piano and the whole village sang along

- Kevin Bao told his story about H-Mart and how he got free Korean pears

- we also enjoyed some dancing by the famous Expression dancers Daniel Lu and Stacy Jo

- Faith Pak and Erin Lee played a duet while 8 volunteers held their sheet music

- and we also can't forget about Emma and Allison's gorgeous piano duet

- or Snow's guitar/signing solo which exposed us to more beautiful chinese music

- Landon sang ___

- Neev and Cal did a dramatic reading

- Allison played piano for and Michelle sang Make You Feel My Love (the Adele cover)

- Tori and Ekemini beautifully sang Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber

- Josh and Noah covered ___ with Josh on Cello and Noah on guitar

- Carter and Emma played the piano as well!

It was a night filled with so much talent and lots of delicious food!

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