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Cricket? Yes Please!

Our friends from the other Cambridge (Great Britain) brought us one of their greatest past times: the wondrous and exhilarating game of cricket! The Emmanuel Fellows from the University of Cambridge brought a group of the HSURV village to the lawn of Harvard Business School to learn the sport that is analogous to baseball but demands more athleticism from its players.

After a brief introduction to the game, learning the techniques of bowling and the significance of the wickets (those sticks in the ground that lay people are oblivious to), we began the match. Passerby's gave us amused looks; the sight of screaming young adults hurling balls at each other on the lawn of the Business School epitomizes a true contrast. The competence of some and the incompetence of others was on full display, but through it all, we all had a fantastic time.

At the end of it all, both teams agreed that cricket must become a staple of the HSURV village.


After a hard fought campaign, the Brits and Americans celebrated the beginning of another season of cricket!

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