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Havan-a Good Time Part 1.

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

For the most part, college kids can’t dance.* And even after this presumably most of us still can’t dance but hey that never stopped anyone so we braved the mild-Cambridge-UK-esque rain and were off the the Havana Club in Central! Bachata dance is a type of partner dance originally from the Dominican Republic. It developed alongside Bachata music (unsurprisingly also from the Dominican Republic) during the early 20th century (thank you Wikipedia!). During the lesson we learned the very basics of bachata dancing and an actually/kind-of/mildly complex routine which surprisingly didn’t lead to any injuries or dropped people! The following dance party was, on our part, considerably a lot less freestyle than the regular patrons of the Havana Club but tremendously fun (and hot/humid despite the air-con).

*yes, frat mixer I am looking at you!


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