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The Brain Master

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

For someone who Greg described as perhaps the coolest guy on campus, Professor Emery Brown definitely lived up to the praises bestowed upon him. Brown is a professor computational neuroscience at MIT, a professor of anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School, as well as a former co-director of the prestigious Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology program.

Brown's talk, "The Dynamics of the Unconscious Brain Under General Anesthesia," was a confluence of all his interests. He described the dynamics of the brain under general anesthesia and described the states of Propofol-Induced Unconsciousness (Sedation, Induction, Burst Suppression, and Isoelectric). He outlined the significance of EEG (Electroencephalography: machines that measure the electrical activity of the brain) displayed a video of a mouse brain under anesthesia.

Throughout his talk, Professor Brown was engaging and charming, and concluded his presentation to roaring applause from the audience.

Afterwards, the PAs served us root beer floats, a true cherry on top to an enlightening evening!


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