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Spoiler: We didn't get eaten by Codzilla

We didn't know what was scarier: Codzilla or the shrieks of our tour guide, Prince Harry.

We did get soaked though, silly people who didn't wear the parkas.

During this first week of HSURV, still bursting with energy before the rigors of research take its toll, we headed to Boston Harbor for Codzilla, an exciting high-speed tour/adventure around the islands. As we walked to the water, the brackish smell of the water swept over us. The Codzilla boat, with a bold likeness of a sea monster on its side, contrasted amusingly with the fancy yachts and other boats docked in the harbor. As we settled in our seats, we were accosted by our tour guide, whose appearance can only be described as that of a pugnacious Prince Harry (thank you Ralph for the great comparison). He greeted us and helped us settle in to our adventure.

As we pulled away from the dock, we instantly began to pick up speed, slicing through the water and bouncing above the waves to the sound of horrible retro music blasting from the speakers of the boat. The high speeds of the ride, which reached almost 40 mph, exhilarated us. However, despite enjoying this beginning part of the tour, little did we know that we were in imminent danger. Prince Harry told the scary story of how his father was eaten by the Codzilla, which brought a collective tear to our eyes.

Suddenly, our boat stopped, and we began to circle; something was clearly wrong! As we froze with tendrils of apprehension running through our parka-clad bodies, Prince Harry gave out a terrible shriek, and we were off, rapidly ricocheting off the spray and abruptly turning, which sent sheets of ocean water on us. However, we were able to escape. The Codzilla kept on chasing us, but the expert maneuvering of our captain brought us to safety.

As we trundled back to shore, the ocean water evaporating into a salty sheen on our clothes, we breathed a sign of relief. What an adventurous way to begin the summer. Till next time, Codzilla.


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