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Allison Kao

Name: Alison Kao

Year: 2020

Concentration: Neurobiology and computer science

House: Dunster

Q:What program are you in, and what lab (location of the lab) are you in/ what research are you conducting?

A: I am doing PRISE working with Joshua Sanes in Northwest labs department of cellular and molecular biology and center for brain science

Q: Describe your research in a few sentences

A: Classification of retinal neurons using morphological and molecular criteria

Q: How has your summer been?  (compare to term time?)

A: It’s been very fun and nice to be on campus but not be stressed because there is time to explore boston and actually have conversation with people

Q: What has been your favorite memory so far/what was your favorite outing?

A: I loved the hiking trip, it was my first time going real hiking. The struggle allowed us to bond. It was honestly so nice to be out of boston and just focus on the connections with other people while also doing something so challenging but so fun.

Q: What is something you have learned during the summer, whether it be academic, social, or personal?

A: On the personal side, learning how to grocery shop. On the science side, I’ve learned how to adapt

Q: Something you want to accomplish this summer?

A: Exploring new coffee shops

Q: A place you want to visit this summer?

A: The beach! A real sandy beach!

Q: Favorite hobbies/ clubs?

A: I enjoy tennis and running. I also really love accompanying singers on piano, like during coffeehouse

Fun Questions

Q: Interesting talent?

A: I can fall asleep while standing up

Q: If Greg had an endless purse, what would you do?

A: Go to Disney World!

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