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Daniel Lu

Name: Daniel Lu

Year: 2020

Concentration: Physics and philospy

House: Lowell

Q:What program are you in, and what lab (location of the lab) are you in/ what research are you conducting?

A: I am doing PRISE working with Mara Prentiss in Jefferson 146

Q: Describe your research in a few sentences

A: We’ve been looking at DNA recombinant specifically how bacteria cells find double stranded dna to use as a template to repair itself specifically looking at polymerization as a possible key step in that search

Q: How has your summer been?  (compare to term time?)

A: So much better. This summer has exceeded all expectations and makes me feel so much happier and more prepared for junior year

Q: What has been your favorite memory so far/what was your favorite outing?

A: I really loved Waterfire because it’s the best but the HSURV formal was also really amazing and it was great to see the community come together to celebrate

Q: What is something you have learned during the summer, whether it be academic, social, or personal?

A: reinforced that everyone here is really interesting. I learned that everyone is willing to build real connections and it’s fun to reach out to people and get involved

Q: Something you found interesting/ funny?

A:  Why is Catan viewed as so nerdy?! It’s so fun and thank you to those who got me to play and show me the truth!

Q: Something you want to accomplish this summer?

A: I am really passionate about dance so I got to go to a lot of dance workshops. I also had a friend ask me to join a new dance team which I’m really excited to join and get more involved

Q: A place you want to visit this summer?

A: Middle of the Charles river in a kayak, didn’t disappoint

Q: Favorite hobbies/ clubs?

A: Dancing, expressions, shout out to TAPAS, singing and theatre (coffeehouse)

Q: Message to HSURV

A: I really do love the community and I think everyone here is so caring. I really do believe in all of us and our ability to shape the world for the better <3

Fun Questions (Pick one or two)

Q: What superpower would you want to have?

A: The ability to control time because I just need more of it

Q: In a movie about your life, who would play you?

A: Henry Golding because he’s half asian but he's one of the few who got out there

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