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George Hu

Name: George Hu

Year: 2020

House: Lowell

Concentration: Economics

Program: PRIMO

Q: Can you describe what your research this summer entails?

A: I'm working with Professor Kyle Myers at Harvard Business School exploring the interplay of regulation and competition and innovation in Formula 1 racing.

Q: Why did you apply to PRIMO and the research village?

A: I had two big wishes coming into this summer, getting an intensive research experience and having a community to come home to. Intensive research experience includes getting to know a professor.

Q: How has the summer played out? Has it met your expectations?

A: One of the highlights of the summer experience has just been being able to live a balanced life. I get to put as much time into research as I want, essentially. Obviously, I put in a decent amount of time for good faith, but there's no need to work a banker's 9 to 12.

Q: What's the biggest thing you've learned this summer?

A: I guess one thing that's hard to understand if you've never done econ research is the amount of time and effort it takes to get your data into something that is analyzable, something you can run regressions on. So I've spend a pretty substantial amount of my time arranging, cleaning, and organizing data. A big takeaway I've learned is running a regression, no matter how simple, is really, really satisfying.

Q: If you had unlimited funding, what event would you organize?

A: If the World Cup wasn't in Russia and there wasn't a chance that we would get arrested, Village trip to the World Cup Final.

Q: What is your spirit animal and why?

A: I'll be uber-nationalistic on this one and say eagle. I love eagles.

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