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Katelyn Li

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Name: Katelyn Li

Year: Class of 2021

Concentration: Neurobiology

House: Quincy

Program: PRISE

Q: Describe your research in a few words.

A: This summer, I'm conducting research in the Ressler Lab at Maclean Hospital. I’m looking at a gene associated with an increased risk of PTSD and suicide. I’m also doing some research on circular RNAs.

Q: Why did you apply to be in HSURV?

A: I just really wanted to get more research experience just because I haven’t been in a bio lab before, and I thought it’d be a great time to stay on campus over the summer and chill with friends.

Q: How has your summer been so far?

A: I’m loving this summer. It’s been awesome getting to know everyone in HSURV. I was a little skeptical of the social events at first, but they all turned out really great!

Q: What is something you have learned during the summer?

A: I learned that there are so many cool and smart people at Harvard doing some really cool projects.

Q: What has been your favorite memory so far?

A: Wow, there’s been so many. I really liked the coffeehouses just because everyone is so warm and nice, and it’s really cool seeing all the different talents.

Q: What do you want to accomplish this summer?

A: Staying in shape . . . it’s so hard to do that term time.

Q: What are your favorite HSURV hobbies and clubs?

A: Book Club.

Q: Where is one place you want to visit this summer?

A: White Mountains!

Q: Has your HSURV experienced matched your expectations?

A: No, because it way exceeded them. I didn’t realize that the community would be this close and awesome.

Questions Just for Funsies

Q: If you could turn into one animal, what would it be?

A: My spirit animal is a horse, but if I could turn into any animal, I would be an eagle because they’re so cool and regal.

Q: Coke or Pepsi? Pineapples on pizza?

A: Coke or Pepsi? They’re both bad. YAAS, pineapples on pizza!

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