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Leo Bottinger

Name: Leo Bottinger

Year: 2020

House: Adams

Concentration: Statistics

Program: PRIMO

Q: Can you describe your research in 2-3 sentences?

A: I am researching incentives behind biopharmaceutical innovation. What that means is looking at investments in niche healthcare industries and then looking at legislation and other potential factors to see how that incentivized the growth and investments and the apparent value of those investments.

Q: Why did you apply to PRIMO and the research village in general?

A: I think research is really cool. I wanted to get an academic experience. I think Mankiw said you should have experience in government, academia, and industry. I don't think I'm going to have research experience in government, but at least I could in academia, and I wanted to see what's up.

Q: How has the summer gone so far?

A: It's gone well. I think a lot of the activities have been cool. They've been doing that for us and I think that a lot of the research has been cool. I think a lot of the people in the research village have been opened arms and nice and likeable people to be around, so putting everything together, it's been really cool.

Q: What have you wanted to get most out of this summer?

A: What I wanted to get out of this summer was a practical look at what's it like to work in academia, and I think I've gotten just that, especially working at the Business School, I've got a look at a side of academia that focuses very much on very pertinent problems affecting corporations rather than like what the economics department would do, looking at very broad concepts and theories, and I thought that learning that that side of academia exists is very interesting and very helpful in my future career decisions.

Q: If you were in Avatar: The Last Airbender, what type of bender would you be and why?

A: I would probably be a water bender because I'm not a bad person, most firebenders are bad people, and the only [earthbender] I know, Toph, is blind, and I'm not blind, so I wouldn't be an earthbender. And I also don't like living in the earth, I like living in civilization, so the waterbenders in the North, I think that would be me.

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