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Stacy Jo

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Name: Stacy Jo

Year: 2021

House: Quincy

Concentration: Integrative biology

Q: What program are you in, and what lab (location of the lab) are you in/ what research are you conducting?

A: I am doing SURGH this summer, working at MEEI near MGH researching global prevalence of ventilation tubes in the ear through otitis media

Q: Describe your research in a few sentences

A: Currently I am working on lit review and having fun experiementing with 3D printing and analyzing commercial activities.

Q: How has your summer been?  (compare to term time?)

A: Terrific I love that I get to have an experience that I never would have happened during term time like having such a flexible schedule.

Q: What has been your favorite memory so far/what was your favorite outing?

A: Hanging out with people in HSURV at Cambridge dance party

Q: What is something you have learned during the summer, whether it be academic, social, or personal?

A: I learned that I want to do clinical or lab work

Q: Something you found interesting/ funny?

A: I found out that a lot of older middle age guys like to dance at the havana club

Q: Something you want to accomplish this summer?

A: I want to succeed in 3D printing with the ROKIT 3D printer

Q: A place you want to visit this summer?

A: Museum of science

Q: Favorite hobbies/ clubs?

A: Expressions, AADT, singing and being a part of 21 CC, songwriting

Q: In a movie about your life, who would play you?

A: Mila Kunis or Lucy Liu because they are so badass

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