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Trang Truong

Year: 2021

Concentration: MCB (intended)

House: Leverett

Q: What program are you in, where is your lab, and what does your research involve?

A: I am in the PRISE program, and I am working at Mass General Hospital working in Marc Wein's lab, and we are exploring the parathyroid hormone pathway in kidney cells specifically after transitioning from osteocytes.

Q: Why did you guys apply to HSURV?

A: I applied to HSURV because it offers the chance to pursue my interest in conducting scientific research while at the same time allowing me to enjoy the relaxation and feeling of freedom that is inherently associated with summer vacation. HSURV really gives you an opportunity to work with real life professionals.

Q: How has the summer played out so far?

A: I know this has been one of my most productive summers in terms of both learning through the lab and learning what's it like to be in the field of research, but also at the same time, the multitude, the plethora of activities that we can participate in through the program, like laser tag and exploring Boston Harbor Islands, or Boston in general, or go out into the city with friends and really enjoy what's around us. During the school year, we don't have time for that with homework and everything. Going to Cricket every Thursday is something that I always look forward to. Never played the sport before, but I'm glad I learned it while being a part of this program.

Q: What has been something that you've learned this summer?

A: I don't think it's been anything new, because it's the nature of Harvard, but I think the HSURV village just reinforces the idea, and the fact that we're interested in so many different things. One of the other reasons I applied was because you can talk to people from other concentrations, for example the BLISS people in the social sciences. I not really familiar with those fields, like economics. You can talk to all these other students, these researchers who are partaking in these programs, really getting to explore, get to know what is they're doing, what being in that field actually entails. I think it's not new, because the nature of Harvard is so diverse in terms of academic interests and everything, but the research village just reinforces that and emphasizes how great it is that we're all interested in different things. That diversity of knowledge is something that I really like about being in the program, and I think that's just integral.

Q: Who would be an actor playing you in the story of your life?

I just hope that the person who plays me is funny but serious when they need to be.

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